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Running + The City (My heart goes out to Boston)

Inspired by events in Boston yesterday, I wanted to share excerpts from a paper I presented at the 2012 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium. I’ve written and re-written this several times. … Continue reading

April 16, 2013 · Leave a comment

One Map, Three Narratives

Through selection, omission, framing, scale, orientation, naming and indexing, the author of the map presents a selective and distorted view of reality. This distortion is a key characteristic of maps. … Continue reading

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Reading the City

Neither the space nor the subject are the same after the journey. Indeed, they cannot be.

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Maps are LIES!

Things started out well this morning. My running partner, the voice in my iPhone, the one I’ve named “Rachel” knew exactly where I was and how quickly I was moving. … Continue reading

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Theres & Thises & What Elses

From Denis Wood, Rethinking the Power of Maps (2012): “People make maps to discover their minds and to connect themselves…Maps selectively link places in the world (theres) to other kinds of things … Continue reading

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Maps: What is and what is not yet

aka: Further Adventures in Placemaking and Performing Place Continuing with my research on space and place, I’ve been considering the power of maps as rich and multi-layered representations of place, … Continue reading

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What happens when a placeless place dies?

The National Post’s article “Canada’s strip malls crumble toward extinction” is a fascinating study in placelessness. As the article suggests, these strip malls, “a rectangular box surrounded by a sea … Continue reading

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No, Guelph Does Not Need a Costco or an IKEA (my letter to city council)

Two tweets in the past 24 hours got me ruffled my feathers and got me in a tizzy: After multi-threaded conversations around both issues, I channeled my inner Guy Debord … Continue reading

June 4, 2012 · 2 Comments

“It’s about our place in the environment, and our relationships within it”

This past week, I attended the University of Guelph’s Accessibility Conference. This conference was one in an increasingly long line of intersections/points of rupture between my work life and my academic … Continue reading

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Does this place sound good to you?

Consider light. Consider colour. Consider climate. Consider altitude. Consider arrangement. In The Power of Place, author Winifred Gallagher challenges the reader to consider  the impact of the physical environment has … Continue reading

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I've created this site to document and share research and activities related to my Masters of Arts program. It's partially a blog, partially a journal, partially whatever you want it to be. Feel free to have a good look around at what I'm reading, seeing, writing and thinking about. I'd love to see/hear your comments.

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