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Maps: What is and what is not yet

aka: Further Adventures in Placemaking and Performing Place

Continuing with my research on space and place, I’ve been considering the power of maps as rich and multi-layered representations of place, as collections of what is and what is not yet, intersections of stories-so-far and stories-yet-to-be.

Maps selectively link places in the world to other places and to other things, creating discourses, narratives, and conceptualizations. Lefebvre suggests that physical space is the mediator between mental and social activity, the medium where thoughts, emotions and ideologies manifest themselves. Maps, then, serve as a graphical representation of physical space; evidence (or perhaps residue) of our spatial practices, our conceptions of space, and our lived/cultural space.

This week (from Monday-Saturday), the plan is to keep track of and map my spatial practice; my walks, bike rides and runs. I’ll be posting some of this residue here. Let’s start with a run from yesterday:

15 kilometer run in Guelph

“Mapping is a fantastic cultural project, creating and building the world as much as measuring and describing it. Long affiliated with the planning and design of cities, landscapes and buildings, mapping is particularly instrumental in the construing and constructing a lived space. In this active sense, the function of mapping is less to mirror reality then to engender a re-shaping of the worlds in which people live.”
— Denis Cosgrove



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