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Running + The City (My heart goes out to Boston)

Inspired by events in Boston yesterday, I wanted to share excerpts from a paper I presented at the 2012 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium. I’ve written and re-written this several times. … Continue reading

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One Map, Three Narratives

Through selection, omission, framing, scale, orientation, naming and indexing, the author of the map presents a selective and distorted view of reality. This distortion is a key characteristic of maps. … Continue reading

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One Journey, Five Improvisations

These itinerary maps are relics of journeys and experiences in space, enunciations of movement, appropriations and interpretations in which the subject/performer actualizes possibilities and interdictions. They are traces, or memories, … Continue reading

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Reading the City

Neither the space nor the subject are the same after the journey. Indeed, they cannot be.

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Maps are LIES!

Things started out well this morning. My running partner, the voice in my iPhone, the one I’ve named “Rachel” knew exactly where I was and how quickly I was moving. … Continue reading

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Theres & Thises & What Elses

From Denis Wood,¬†Rethinking the Power of Maps¬†(2012): “People make maps to discover their minds and to connect themselves…Maps selectively link places in the world (theres) to other kinds of things … Continue reading

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The new cartophobia

Day 2 of mapping my spatial practice. My ride up to work this morning: This is captured with my smartphone and RunKeeper (one of many services which provide a platform … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the intangibles!

“Slated for completion by the spring of 2013 this project will result in a comprehensive inventory and database of our tangible cultural assets (facilities, organizations, people, public art, built heritage, … Continue reading

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Maps: What is and what is not yet

aka: Further Adventures in Placemaking and Performing Place Continuing with my research on space and place, I’ve been considering the power of maps as rich and multi-layered representations of place, … Continue reading

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The Sensual, The Powerful, The Playful

This essay explores theories, ideas and conversations of “place”. This work comes as a result of my immersion into scholarly writing by spatial and cultural theorists, as well as spatial … Continue reading

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What’s all this?

I've created this site to document and share research and activities related to my Masters of Arts program. It's partially a blog, partially a journal, partially whatever you want it to be. Feel free to have a good look around at what I'm reading, seeing, writing and thinking about. I'd love to see/hear your comments.

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