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No, Guelph Does Not Need a Costco or an IKEA (my letter to city council)

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Two tweets in the past 24 hours got me ruffled my feathers and got me in a tizzy:
After multi-threaded conversations around both issues, I channeled my inner Guy Debord and wrote the following email to the mayor and city council:
Hi all,

Having read the Guelph Mercury article,–councillor-hails-costco-plans

I’d like to express my concerns and opposition to potential further “big box” development in Guelph, whether they be Costco (as mentioned), IKEA (as rumoured), or any others. I understand that previous councils voted in favor of these developments, but would argue that any decisions made 7 (?) years ago, by people no longer charged with representing Guelph need to be revisited. It is council’s job to do what is right for Guelph.

The decisions should not be based on number of Costco memberships or number of likes on Facebook pages. Just because it is a popular idea does not mean it is a good one.

We’re not running a popularity contest. We need to do what is best for the city. These developments result in trivialization, homogenization, and dissipation of the independence and quality of places. (ref: Debord)

I encourage you to act responsibly and in the true interest of our city, and discontinue these developments.




2 comments on “No, Guelph Does Not Need a Costco or an IKEA (my letter to city council)

  1. Robert Routledge
    June 5, 2012

    Hi Kyle, can you include a link to your reference? I’m curious and would like to read it.

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