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Greetings, Placelings!

senses of place
Casey, Edward. “How to Get From Space to Place in a Fairly Short Stretch of Time: Phenomenological Prolegomena.” Feld, Steven and Keith H. Basso. Senses of Place. Santa Fe, NM: School of American Research Press, 1996.

Place begins with experience. “The living-moving body is essential to the process of emplacement: lived bodies belong to places and help to constitute them.” Place is sensuous and the sensuous is placeful. “There is no knowing or sensing a place except by being in that place, and to be in a place is to be in a position to perceive it. ”

Consider the configuration of the space, the arrangement, how things overlap, collide and come forward. Consider boundaries, layout of the landscape, thoughts and memories. What does it mean to stay in place? To move in space? To move between places?

Places are gathering points and are qualified by their contents. Consider the “holdings” of space; what it includes and what is excluded, as well as the ways the “various ways these contents are articulated (denoted, described, discussed, narrated and so forth) in a given culture.”


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