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In the Summer 2012 Semester, I will be participating in an independent reading course with an instructor from the Department of Geography.

Focused on spatial theory and practice, through this course I will; examine ancient, modern and post modern assessments of how place and space shape identity, culture and community, critically reflect upon how the geography of space impacts public and social performance, creatively and publicly communicate key concepts related to the interplay between physical and digital spaces, and use social media tools to engage in conversation and build community around topics of space and place. This reading course will further my understanding of spatial theory through critical reflection. Also, through creative practice, this course will provide an opportunity for hands-on spatial interventions.

I’m working on putting together a reading list for this course. Maybe you can help. Any must-reads based on the description above?

Here’s my list-in-progress, loosely grouped into themes:

social space/the creation of space
Bachelard, Gaston. Poetics of Space
Lefebvre, Henri. Production of Space
Foucault, Michel. “Questions on Geography.” from Power/Knowledge
Debord, Guy. The Society of the Spectacle

Cresswell, Tim. Place, a short introduction
Cresswell, Tim. In Place/Out of Place
Galagher, Winifred. The Power of Place. How our Surroundings Shape our Thoughts, Emotions and Actions

personal space/space and the self
Goffman, Erving. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
de Certeau, Michel. Practice of Everyday Life
Harmon, Katharine. You are here: personal geographies and other maps of the imagination
Cosgrove, Denis (ed). Mappings
Tuan, Yi-Fu. Space and Place: the perspectives of experience

urban space/modern spaces
Lynch, Kevin. The Image of the City
Jacobs, Jane. Death and life of great American cities
Lefebvre, Henri. Writings on Cities
Lynch, Kevin. What time is this place?
Tonkiss, Fran. Space, The City and Social Theory
Augé, Marc. Non-Places, an introduction to Supermodernity

public space
Rowe, Peter. Civic Realism
Gehl, Jan. Life between buildings: using public space
Bunschoten, Raoul. Public Spaces/CHORA
Miller, Donald. The Lewis Mumford Reader

creative space/public art
McAuley, Gay. Space in Performance
Wybrow, Nicolas. Art and the City
Kwon, Miwon. One Place After Another: site-specific art and locational identity

cyberspace/digital spac
de Souza e Silva, Adriana and Sutko, Daniel (ed). Digital cityscapes: merging digital and urban playspaces
Mosco, Vincent. The Digital Sublime
Ulmer, Gregory. Heuretics. The Logic of Invention 



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