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The poetic significance of space

The Poetics of SpaceBachelard, Gaston. The Poetics of Space (French: La Poétique de l’Espace), 1958.

In the book’s introduction, Bachelard discusses the phenomenological nature of the poetic imagination as well as the resonances and repercussions of poetic images; resonances being how the poetic image connects with other experiences in our lives and reverberations being how we internalize the image and make it our own, or how it possesses us, and becomes part of who we are.

The author writes that, “Nobody knows that in reading we are re-living our temptations to be a poet.”

What is the poetic significance of space? By challenging the reader to consider the spatiality of intimate places such as corners, the house, the attic, and the shell, as well as the dialectics of immensity and the inside/outside, Bachelard suggests that experiencing space is a phenomenological experience. The resonances of space connect with different planes of our existence. The reverberations of the space, how we interpret it and how it becomes part of us are key to how we make meaning of the space and perform into it. Perhaps through the act of being in a space, we are re-living our temptations to be an urban designer. Space is a lived experience.


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