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Yes, Louis, there is a ‘Subject of Science’

In ‘Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatuses’ (Essays on Ideology), Louis Althusser states that “all scientific discourse is by definition a subject-less discourse, there is no ‘Subject of science’ except in an ideology of science”. His suggestion is that in the realm of Science, the author is able to detach him/herself from all subjectivity. I’d argue that this is not possible and that in every discipline, including Sciences, subjectivity is always present in the text. Is it possible to present information, however ‘factual’ in a way that is devoid of the biases or filters of the author? While one might argue that the ‘facts’ may be free of bias (a potentially flawed argument in and of itself), can the process of selection of what information to present and how to present it be subject-less?

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2 comments on “Yes, Louis, there is a ‘Subject of Science’

  1. Kyle Mackie
    September 29, 2011

    This question, of course, runs counter to some of my arguments posted here:

    “Perhaps an analytical view, the actual statistics of performance should be seen as more useful to contributing to meaning. As cold and factual as the graphs are, do they show a more “truthful” account of the performance?”

    Maybe not.

    • Kyle Mackie
      September 29, 2011

      And to continue the argument with myself (which is good, because then I always win). Maybe the fact that the information is full of bias in fact makes it *more* truthful.

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