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The world as our palate. Our GPS devices as our brush.

In November 2010, the band OK Go organized a musical parade throug the streets of Los Angeles with dozens of their fans. Using the Pulse of the City app, they documented their 8.5 mile journey. The map of their route spelled out “OK GO”.

With the corporate support of automobile maker Range Rover and several famous people from around the globe, the band started a “Geo Art” craze.

This isn’t the first time someone has created art using GPS technology. During the summer of 2010, Nick Newcomen completed the World’s Biggest Writing project, using GPS tracking and Google Maps to spell out “Read Ayn Rand” across the continental United States.

In 2008, communications company Nokia created a fictional “position artist” named Stavros. On his “Bloggy”, theworldismycanvas, Stavros showcases his “greatest works of art”.

In the summer of 2008, web magazine Engadget ran a number of GPS-Art stories,

While the plausibility and legitimacy of these works is suspect, capturing movement and journeys via GPS tracking technology tells a rich visual/statistical story.


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