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The Analytics of Performance

I’ve recently started running. Over at, I’ve been mulling over the connections between running and learning.

I’m starting to get fired up thinking about “running as performance”, exploring the performative qualities of sport & how technology can extend the conversation around running events, build community and create meaning. I’m hooked on the analytics around this as well, and thinking there might be some great conversations to have around the “analytics of theatrical performance”.

Running Stats

In discussing semiotics, a number of theorists (Saussure, Peirce, Barthes and others) discuss the arbitrary/unmotivated connection between the signified and the signifier. In all art, and in all communication, meaning is created by the performer and the audience, and given that interpretations of all signs are highly contextual, I’d suggest then that we run the risk of “never really knowing”.

Perhaps an analytical view, the actual statistics of performance should be seen as more useful to contributing to meaning. As cold and factual as the graphs are, do they show a more “truthful” account of the performance? If so, and if that is a goal, how can we capture the analytics of a more traditionally theatrical performance?


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